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Inkjet vs. Laser: Which Printer Is Right for You?

Nowadays, most houses and offices have printers to use in everything. It is a revolutionary technological tool that made the lives of students, teachers, public workers, artists and even doctors, easier and better.

By buying a printer, you are probably going to use it for everything but how do you know which printer is for you?

The different types of printers, the different jobs that they do and the different quality each printer produces, can leave you confused and indecisive. There are two main types of printers that are widely used, the Inkjet printer and the Laser printer.

How to decide which one of those two types best suits your needs?

By comparing between them using broad points and differences.

Here’s your guide to decide which printer is right for you.

1. Uses

Inkjet printers are more used in industrial and commercial business settings. They are used to print on any large-scale objects and on any material that responds to ink.

They are able to print high-quality color photos. They do well with colors especially for images and photos, which usually contain subtle shades of colors.

While laser printers are more used in offices and stationeries. They deal with printing texts, offering clear letter forms and creating flyers or brochures.

They can be used for mass production as they can produce a greater number of dry prints unlike the inkjet where ink can wet or smear the print.

They can also participate in printing photos but to do so, you need a color laser printer with high resolution.

2. Reliability

In general, laser printers are more reliable than inkjet printers because of their dryness and the use of a heat-transfer method.The print is set and spot-proofed when it comes out of the printer.

While the inkjet printers are more reliable in printing large scale photos of a mixture of colors, the use of ink can cause a smudge or a piece of no color.

Also, the ink dries out fast from the printer so if you don’t use the printer for a couple of weeks, the ink can completely dry out.

3. Print Quality

The quality of the print depends on the output you need.

  • If your output is texts and documents then; Laser printers bring the best quality for the job.
  • If your output is medium quality colored images then; Laser printers can do the job for you.
  • If your output is high quality photos, gallery photos, banners, roller ups then; Inkjet Printers provide them with the highest quality.

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4. Printing Speed and Volume

Inkjet printers are used on an average or low level, it can’t be used to print out at a larger scale. As for laser printers, they are more convenient when it comes to satisfying greater needs because they are customized to fulfill the demands of offices and students.

So, laser printers are indeed faster than inkjet printers. They are made to print from 15 to 100 pages per minute while inkjet printers can only print around 16 pages per minute.

Therefore, laser printers have higher volumes than inkjet printers.

5. Cost of Both: Printers and Toner vs Ink

When talking about the cost, you have to put in mind; are you thinking for the short run or the long run?

For the short run:

Laser printers are of higher prices than inkjet printers. The technology of the laser and the wide uses of it, makes the laser printers more expensive than inkjets printers.

So, if you are ready to buy a printer now and you won’t think about the future costs, then laser printers will attract you as the cheaper ones.

For the long run:

Using a printer means fueling it every now and then. So, the cost of its buying differs from the cost of using it. Laser printers require toners to be used while inkjet printers need ink cartridges.

On one hand, toner is less expensive than ink, due to its nature, it comes in the form of powder, it’s easy shipping methods and its easy storing places. On the other hand, toner cartridges are more expensive than ink cartridges as they print a great number of pages exceeding the printing volume of the inkjet printers.

The cost of an inkjet printer may seem lower. However, the ink you are going to buy occasionally or the ink cartridges that must be replaced monthly may cost you double the cost of the printer. Moreover, if you don’t use the ink in the printer often, it may dry out.

That’s why the laser printers are favored for their cheaper toner.

As the toner, in laser printer, rarely needs to be changed because texts and documents don’t require much colors or accuracy. So, it will be months or years before you need to change it depending on how much you use it.

A pro tip: buying an inkjet printer may seem more economical but you would pay more for the consumables in the long run, causing the total cost to be doubled.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, you can make your choice between two printers based on what you want to use them for, how many times you will use them and what is more convenient for you.

Inkjet printers have a minimum life span of 3 years while laser printers have a minimum life span of 5 years and also, it depends on the use and the frequency of use. Calculate your budget, sort out your needs and you’ll know your printer when you see it.

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