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YouCyberPower – Intelligent LCD 1500AVRLCD UPS – Best PC Power Supply

YouCyberPower – Intelligent LCD 1500AVRLCD UPS – Best PC Power Supply

This Intelligent LCD CP1500AVRLCD Uninterrupted Power Supply from CyberPower can deal with your power needs for an assortment of gadgets from PCs to switches and modems, and considerably more. The twelve complete outlets are separated into six battery and surge ensured outlets and six surge secured outlets. Among the twelve outlets, two are broadly divided, enabling you to utilize an assortment of attachment types with this continuous force supply. 

When designed, you profit by as long as 12 minutes of runtime at the half burden and 3 minutes of run time at full burden, with up to 1,500 joules of coordinated surge insurance. Besides standard electrical plugs, this UPS likewise comes outfitted with a 1-in, 1-out combo Phone RJ11/Ethernet RJ45 port, a 1-in, 1-out persuade port, a sequential port, and a USB Type-B port. Included with this UPS is a USB Type-B to Type-A link. So this was just the overview, let us discuss some more features of this intelligent UPS.

✓ Battery Backup

Supplies power long enough for hardware to appropriately close down when utility force fizzles. Forestalls loss of information and limits the part pressure brought about by a hard closure. مراهنات على كرة القدم This UPS is estimated to run for 12 minutes at half load, 3 minutes for a full load. Its LCD screen provides an estimated run time based on the required power usage during blackouts.

✓ Surge Protection

Redirects abundance voltage from touchy electronic gear during an AC power spike to forestall harm. The CP1500AVRLCD has six battery backup and surge-protected outlets and six surge-protected outlets. It safeguards desktop computers, workstations, networking devices, and home entertainment equipment

✓ Data Line Protection

Forestalls power spike that movement through phone, coaxial, and Ethernet lines from making harmful gadgets. The feature of data line protection is very effective for users thus it is an add feature for you. bet365 عربي  

✓ Line Interactive Topology

Exists when a line intelligent UPS has an autotransformer that controls low voltages (e.g., brownouts) and over voltages (e.g., spikes) without changing to battery.

Programmed Voltage Regulation (AVR) 

Gives perfect, steady AC power via naturally directing low voltages and over voltages over voltages, inside characterized resistances, when approaching utility force has minor vacillations. 

Recreated Sine Wave Output 

Utilizations sine wave regulation to create a ventured, approximated sine wave to supply financially savvy battery reinforcement power. 

GreenPower UPS Bypass Design 

A licensed plan permits utility ability to sidestep the UPS transformer when AC power is steady, which diminishes energy utilization, clamor, and warmth development. 

Multifunction LCD Panel 

Showcases quick, point-by-point data on the UPS battery and force conditions, making clients aware of possible issues before they can influence basic gear and cause personal time. 

Calm Design 

Limits commotion during activity for a calmer workplace. You will get impressed with the design of this UPS. 

PowerPanel Personal Edition Software 

Gives an easy-to-use dashboard interface for controlling and checking the UPS. Free programming download accessible. 

✓ Energy Star

This model is an ENERGY STAR guaranteed Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) framework. ENERGY STAR is the confided in government-sponsored image for energy-effective items and practices that help set aside cash and secure the climate. 

Three-Year Warranty 

CyberPower will fix or supplant an inadequate UPS framework (counting batteries) inside three years of the buy date. 

✓ Connected Equipment Guarantee 

CyberPower will fix or supplant appropriately associated hardware on the off chance that it is harmed by a power spike. 

Bypass Design 

Protected detour configuration permits current to sidestep the transformer and programmed voltage guideline (AVR) when utility force is typical, in this way diminishing energy utilization and related expenses. Since utility force works regularly more often than not, the detour configuration takes into account generous energy investment funds. This innovation additionally diminishes heat age, a significant factor in diminishing working expenses. بلاك جاك 21  

High-Efficiency Design 

Diminishes power utilization to make a super productive reinforcement battery for home and office use. 

Power Protection 

CyberPower UPS frameworks saddle high-effectiveness ventilation, GreenPower UPS innovation, and imaginative framework segments to guarantee super calm activity. 

Noise Filtering 

Commotion separating improves picture and sound quality in sound/video frameworks. CyberPower utilizes progressed EMI/RFI commotion separating curls to diminish issues brought about by electromagnetic fields and radio recurrence impedance. The channels smooth minor current vacillations which cause problematic murmuring and static. تنزيل لعبة روليت

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System Review

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System 

CyberPower BRG1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System

  • Battery Power : 1500 VA / 900 W
  • Runtime (Half/Full) :  12/3 Minutes
  • LCD Screen  :  Yes
  • Surge Protected Only  :  6 Outlet
  • Topology : Line Interactive
  • Waveform : Simulated Sine Wave
  • Output : 120 VAC ± 5%
  • Plug type & cord NEMA 5-15P, 6ft. cord
  • Communication : USB, Serial
  • Typical Recharge Time : 8 Hours
  • Data line protection : Ethernet, Coaxial
  • Management software : PowerPanel® Personal
  • ENERGY STAR® certified: Yes
  • Warranty : 3 years

Pros & Cons


  • Multifunction LCD panel
  • 3-year warranty
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • 12 NEMA 5-15R outlets

  • It only provides four battery backup outlets.


In our opinion this is a good performing UPS. You will get good battery backup to save your urgent work during power fluctuations. betfinal عربي The design of this UPS is impressive and compact. You will really get a good product under your budget. مراهنات كرة قدم Its display screen gives you easy to use functionality. You can protect your sensitive electronic products from power surge and spikes.



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