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What are Remanufactured Ink Cartridges?

We always face the problem of our cartridges running out quickly; moreover, we also do not want to spend large amounts of money on name-brand ink cartridges. The refill process is becoming old, and many claim that it damages the cartridges and thus damage the printer. So Many people opt to choose remanufactured cartridges. 

Throughout this article, we will further explore remanufactured ink cartridges to understand them better.

What are They?

Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Remanufactured ink cartridges are original name-brand cartridges that have been properly cleaned and refilled with top-quality ink. They are then tested to make sure that you get top-quality printouts.

How Are They Created?

One of the best companies that specialize in creating remanufactured ink cartridges is Clover Technologies, and they described that the process of creating these cartridges is:

  1. They receive the cartridges and sort them using their part number, and the cartridges are then stored in an environment with a controlled temperature to avoid drying them out.
  2. Every single cartridge is inspected by quality control professionals to detect any damage, and they are tested for best performance using an electrical tester.
  3. A high power cleaning system that utilizes demineralized water is used to clean the cartridge after removing any remaining ink thoroughly.
  4. The cartridges are then filled to their OEM specifications using a custom made ink filling machine. They are then dried and vacuum filled with high-quality ink, they use ink formulas that greatly resemble those of name brand without violating any patents or policies. If the cartridge has a smart chip, then a new one is installed to make the cartridge identified by the printer and display proper ink monitoring levels.
  5. The cartridge’s internal atmospheric pressure is checked, and then they are properly sealed to prevent any leakage.
  6. Each and every cartridge undergoes the same page yield tests that a name brand cartridge undergoes, and they are tested using ISO/IEC 24712 standards.
  7. The lucky cartridges that pass the test are then cleaned once more, polished, and heat-sealed in vapor resistant bags to be ready to be shipped and sold.

Does Using Remanufactured Cartridges Cancel My Warranty? 

Many people fear that by using these cartridges, their printer’s warranty will be canceled. However, this is false as first of all, you are free to choose your cartridge to be name-brand or to refill your old ones or, in this case, purchasing remanufactured ones. The second thing is that they cannot deny you any service that is stated in the warrant because you use remanufactured cartridges.

Are they as Reliable as Name-Brand?

It all depends on the manufacturer if you buy remanufactured cartridges that were created by a reputable company that shows excellent results such as Clover Technologies. Then your cartridges will be as reliable as name-brand ones.

What is their Printout Quality?

A remanufactured cartridge that is perfectly created has the same printout quality as a name-brand cartridge. However, we stress again that you must purchase your cartridges from a trusted source that manufactures top-notch remanufactured cartridges. But like everything in life, there might be one bad cartridge in a whole patch of them, so if you happen to buy that bad cartridge, do not make that stop you from purchasing a remanufactured cartridge again.

Are They Good for the Environment?

The keyword here is recycling, as recycling is good for the environment, and remanufactured cartridges are no different. Whenever you opt to buy one of them, it decreases the number of cartridges disposed of in massive landfills, and plastic takes about 450 years to decompose, so think about that the next time you throw your cartridge in the trash bin.

Do They Produce The Same Amount of Paper As Name-Brand?

As we talked about before, remanufactured cartridges undergo the same test that name-brand cartridges take (the ISO/IEC 24712). One of the main points of this test is to determine the amount of paper or paper yield that a cartridge can produce. So each test is carried out by a minimum of three printers to account for any differences. So to conclude a remanufactured cartridge that does not provide the same paper yield as a name-brand, one would not pass the tests and would not be released into the market.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is safe to say that choosing a remanufactured ink cartridge is one of the best things that you can do. It has many benefits, such as being cheaper than name-brand one and giving the same results, whether in paper yield or output quality. Moreover, it is good for the environment.

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