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14 Tips on How to Get More Ink Out of The Printer’s Cartridge

The printer’s ink is notoriously expensive. Let’s imagine the following scenario, it is 2 a.m, you need to print an important paper, and your printer is out of ink. What will you do?

Stick with us through this article, as we have compiled a list of the best 14 tips that will help you acquire the last drop of ink from your cartridges.

Whenever you get a pop-up message saying that your printer is running low on ink, you should not care about it as a test revealed that most cartridges hold from about 8 to 45% of ink whenever the message pops up.

So now, we will discuss the 14 best ways of getting every drop of ink from your cartridge.

1. Pinhead Cleaning

Pinhead Cleaning

Whenever you get a streaky printout, you tend to think that your printer is low on ink. However, having dirty pinheads may be the reason behind getting streaky printouts. The easiest way to solve is to use your printer’s pinhead cleaning feature, which will get the job done.

2. Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

You always need to make sure that the cartridge’s nozzles are clear. So, using a hairdryer and blowing hot air is sure to thin out whatever ink blockage is there and make the rest of your ink come out smoothly.

3. Shake It

If you get a faded printout and before you try using your hairdryer, you can try and shake your cartridge, as having a faded printout is also a sign of a blocked cartridge. Try flipping the cartridge and shaking it up and down gently, we only want to clear the clogging and not break the cartridge.

4. A Paper Towel

This is similar to the hairdryer method, and you use a paper towel to wipe the cartridge to remove any stuck ink.

5. The Sensor

Some ink cartridges come with a sensor included. This sensor sends out a message that dictates that the cartridge is empty, way before it is true, and it will not allow you to print anything until you change the cartridge. So the best way of dealing with this ink sensor is to cover it with a piece of dark electrical tape.

6. Economy Printer Settings

This method involves decreasing the quality of your printout to save more ink. If you do not require a very dark print or one that is full of vibrant colors, then using the economy printer setting will decrease the amount of ink used.

To use economy settings, find Printer Preferences, then move to the Paper/Quality tab and finally check the “EconoMode” checkbox.

7. Don’t Always Listen to Your Printer

Don't Always Listen to Your Printer

The warnings given to you by the printer aren’t always on point. Your device is designed to warn you early on while your ink levels are still moderate.

Another way to ensure that that won’t happen is to know the capability of your printer. Always know the estimate of what you’ve printed so that you’ll know how much you have left. That information will be provided with your device.

8. Keep It Simple

Try to go for simpler fonts, styles, and decorations in your document. Not only does that produce an elegant document, but it saves you valuable ink as well. 

9. Search For The Ink Saving Mode

Although it can be quite hidden with some devices, you must find it. This option saves ink from every creak and noose in your document. The methods used by this option are not familiar to users, therefore not achievable by yourself.

10. Store the Cartridges When Not Using

Try to either not open the cartridges if they’re not going to be put to use immediately or to store them as safely as possible. That can be achieved by putting them back into their original boxes or wrapping them with newspapers.

11. Regular Use Of Your Printer

Don’t allow your printer to sit with the cartridges in it. That’ll only lead to the ink’s drying up. Try always to print a few pages per week.

12. Room Temperature For Your Cartridges

For the ink to be usable, it has to stay in it’s liquid with the same consistency that it left the factory with. Leaving your printer in extreme heat or cold weather conditions can significantly disrupt your ink. Always keep your cartridges at a moderate temperature.

13. Bulk-Buying

Just like any other product, buying in bulk mostly means less cost per unit. Try to search for offers and cartridges that come in XL sizes. 

14. Know When It’s Time For A New Device

In addition to all of the new features that come with every new upgrade, such as a wireless connection to your desktop and phone and even sending out the documents to your office/home-office, more modern devices are much more economic. If you have been friends with your printer for more than five years, then maybe it’s time to say goodbye. 

Final thoughts

Finally, in the end, it is safe to say that no matter what method you use, whether shaking or using a hairdryer. You should always try to be very careful when handling your cartridges to avoid damaging.

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