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9 Tips to Extend the Life of a Printer

A printer might not be the most expensive tool at your disposal. However, if not frequently cleaned, you will be forced to change your printer, and thus you will be forced to pay more money than you ever imagined to print a document.

Throughout this article, we have compiled some of the best nine tips that will help you extend your printer’s life span.

1. Cleaning Regularly

This is one of the best methods to increase the lifespan of not only your printer but all of your machines. As any machine that is cleaned regularly will last longer. Now back to printers, cleaning a printer is not as hard as it seems, all you have to do is take your printer apart and clean every single part separately. You must remove all the accumulated ink as well as paper dust and anything that might slow down your printer.

2. Use Trusted Cartridges and High-Quality Paper

Hp Cartridge

You may become interested in purchasing cheaper cartridges and cheap paper as well. However, you need to refrain from doing this at all, as you must buy ink from trusted sources such as Hp, and you also have to purchase high-quality paper. Not only will you get an overall higher quality printout, but it will also contribute to increasing your printer’s life span.

3. Frequently Change Your Cartridges

Many people like to wait until the last minute to change the cartridges, and this is not good. As when you leave dry cartridges in your printer, they cause a lot of unnecessary wear and tear to your printer’s head.

4. Take Great Care During Replacing Cartridges

As we talked before, you need to change your cartridges frequently. You need to be very cautious and wary when changing your cartridges. One of the most important things that you must not do is that no matter what, you can not touch the cartridge’s bottom. Touching the cartridge’s bottom will lead to reducing the print’s quality as well as damaging your printer.

5. Always Close The Manual Feed

Printer's Manual Feed

You must always close the manual feed. As leaving it open is not a good thing to do, sure it saves you time, but it exposes your printer to several dangers. One of these dangers is that an open feed can be broken by mistake; another threat is that it will attract dust, and as we said before dust can harm your printer.

6. Use Standby Mode

We know that not a lot of people might like this suggestion, as most people turn off their printers when they no longer need to use them. However, leaving your printer in standby mode is the best thing you can do. When you turn your printer on and off constantly, you might end up damaging the printer. Additionally, if you leave your printer on for a long time, it will overheat and thus making the cartridges dry and clogging the printer’s header.

7. Do not use Torn, Bent or Previously Used Paper

Any paper that is torn, bent, or used before cannot be used as it can cause a paper jam. You must do all you can to avoid paper jams, as whenever it happens, it can break anything in the printer. You always need to use freshly bought, sharp, and high-quality paper.

8.Refrain from Fanning Papers Before Using 

Fanning paper

Many people think that fanning papers can prevent paper jams from happening. However, this is not true; whenever you fan paper, you raise the chance of creating static electricity. Static electricity increases the likelihood of paper jams. You only need to fan your paper if your printer is located in an area that has high humidity.

9. Use Straight Paper for Creating Labels

If you are going to print a stock of labels, then you must use only the straightest paper to create them. So, if you are using the manual feed tray, the labels will be fed directly into the printer without bending. Moreover, if you’re lucky enough to own a printer that has an extra path that prevents the labels from passing around another roller, then you should use it. As it will save you both time and money.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we can conclude that these are some of the best tips that help you increase your printer’s lifespan. Most of them are not time or effort consuming, and they will provide you with excellent results. Whether you are cleaning your printer inside out, using sharp and fresh paper, or even changing your cartridges frequently, you will always be rewarded in one way or the other.

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