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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 Review & Buying Guide

Samsung galaxy tab 8.0 reviewThe use and development of tablets, in the most recent few years, have grown at a significant level. Some individuals love to purchase and utilize a tablet as their day by day driver. It’s mainly due to moderately better battery life and greater screen to make things easier, for example, answering an email or watching films and recordings simpler. You can easily do all your work with the tablet. So if you are planning to buy a new tablet then must have a look at Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0. After checking out its features you can consider buying this tablet. 

This Galaxy Tab 8.2 A comes with an S pen support feature that offers more ease to the user to operate the tablet. The screen size of this tablet is 8.0 inches so that you can see all things on a bigger screen. It has an octa-core processor that is powered with 3GB RAM. You can turn on the blue light filter to protect your eyes and can enjoy the long hours of watching on its screen.

Its reliable battery power will give you the freedom to enjoy long working hours. You will get 32 GB of inbuilt storage space that you can expand up to 512GB space. The portable S pen goes everywhere with you. it is lightweight i.e. of 2.8 grams so that you can handle it easily. It has a 0.7mm elastomer tip. Also, this pen is water-resistant and dust-proof.

It is running with the latest version of Android, Android  9.0 (Pie). It is robust and user friendly. The design of the tablet is aesthetic and appealing. The slim, lightweight, and eye-catching design of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 attracts the customer. It is a relatively affordable tablet that offers good performance.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

  • Model: Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-P200
  • Display: 8-inch TFT LCD
  • Processor: 1.8GHz quad-core Snapdragon 425
  • Ram: 3 GB
  • Resolution: 1920×1200
  • Internal Storage: 32GB expandable up to 512GB
  • Software: Android  9.0 (Pie)
  • Primary Camera: 8MP, f/1.9 aperture
  • Secondary Camera: 5MP
  • Dimensions: 7.91 x 4.80 x 3.50 inches; 0.73 lbs
  • Battery: 4,200mAh
  • S Pen Support  : Yes


Detail Report – Samsung galaxy tab 8.0 review


In terms of performance, you will find it reliable. With the Wi-Fi speed, you can easily do all tasks including email, browsing over the net, and many more.  The loading time of the OS is also fast. You can easily copy tasks from files and folders. 


For measuring a tablet’s convenience, you should look at certain things, for example, interfacing with a WiFi switch, performing tasks, or moving records. The keyboard of this tablet(on-screen) is a more agreeable size than on different tablets, and catches were instinctively positioned or simple to utilize. Its touchscreen precisely deciphered touch signals and it indicated pretty much nothing, assuming any, slack accordingly. This present tablet’s underlying arrangement measure was brisk and easy to customize. It is quick in interfacing with a remote organization. There were scarcely any issues when moving records to and from various PCs or capacity arrangements. You can just show each application in turn on this tablet, so performing various tasks will be more troublesome with less data on the screen.


Our team has additionally scored the traits of screen and display of the tablet. This gadget has a showcase goal of 1280 x 800 and produces ordinary detail at 189 pixels for every inch. The brilliant screen and its decreased glare will be anything but difficult to see when utilized outside or in splendid rooms. Analyzers found the presentation quality is inadequate conversely and hues were not as dynamic as on different screens. Review points are ordinary, so you may need to change the screen to get an ideal showcase for a solitary watcher.

Battery life

More extended battery life is significant for portability, in the case of utilizing it while outside voyaging, or even exactly at home as you convey the tablet between rooms. While perusing the web, the tablet can last 13.7 hours, which is longer than most other tried tablets, and keeping in mind that playing back motion pictures, it can last 13.1 hours. After halfway charging a depleted battery for 30 minutes, the tablet can last 2.3 hours. Analyzers thought that it was anything but difficult to set the tablet to battery-sparing mode, which alters your tablet settings, for example, diminishing screen brilliance, to amplify battery life.

Specific features  

Taking a gander at the fact that it is so natural to play out a lot of regular undertakings can show what are the functionalities of a tablet. It scored awesome, with certain undertakings simple to perform. Practically all regular record types are upheld of course without expecting to introduce extra applications to see them. The tablet incorporates a video gathering application naturally for settling on video decisions. You will get HD video records with this tablet. It is useful for settling on video calls. Video playback was smooth and had little slack, and sound quality from the underlying speakers is flimsy however adequate. Photographs created from the camera were average, superior to certain tablets however not on a par with others, and recordings had some commotion, delivering fairly unnatural-looking hues. The text was to some degree difficult to peruse under different lighting conditions. There were barely any issues while utilizing the internet browser. 

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