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5 Reasons You Should Buy a Smartwatch

Why You Need To Buy a Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a wearable piece of technology that you can use for general purposes.

They’re usually capable of fitness tracking as well as keeping you connected through notifications and apps.

If you’re wondering why you should spend a good amount of money on a smartwatch just so you can do your timekeeping, we’ll have you know that the capabilities of a smartwatch go way beyond that, and here’s how:

5 Reasons You Need A Smartwatch

1. It Can Double As a Fitness Tracker

A smartwatch can really help you out when it comes to tracking your fitness and healthy lifestyle.

You can keep tabs on your heart rate –especially with a smartwatch that sends you alerts if it rises above or falls below a certain level that you specify.

Moreover, it can be your workout buddy or even your personal trainer with its activity reminders and the on-screen workouts you can access through downloadable health-related apps.

Not only that, but some smartwatches help you track your diet, weight, calorie intake, and distance you move (walk, jog, run, or cycle) throughout the day.

Finally, a smartwatch can have a sleep-tracking capability to help you form an idea regarding your sleeping habits and your sleep quality.

With all this information at your disposal, you can easily learn about the areas that you need to improve and what habits you should work on.

2. Keeping You Oriented

A number of new cars come equipped with dashboard Google or Apple Maps to keep you aware of where you are on the road and where you’re going –brilliant idea!

But what if you have an older car, a motorcycle, or a bicycle?

With a smartwatch, you can simply specify the location to which you’re heading and turn off your phone’s screen.

After that, a persistent notification card will appear on your smartwatch’s screen to let you know the distance before the next turn.

This is especially helpful if you’re on 2 wheels as they don’t give you as much space to check your map out as if you were in an enclosed vehicle.

3. Making Everyday Nuances a Thing of The Past

Do you often misplace your phone? Once you connect your smartwatch to your phone, you can easily use the very convenient “Find Phone” feature to ring it and instantaneously find it.

How about forgetting to lock your car? With the smartwatch connected to your car’s system, you can lock it from a pretty wide range’s distance.

The ultimate use is to connect your smartwatch to your smart devices. Then, you can do your laundry, prepare your meals and coffee, or even warm up your house before you arrive on a cold winter day.

4. Keeping You Connected

When your smartwatch is connected to your phone, all your notifications will be delivered to your wrist.

This means you don’t have to take your phone out every time you hear it ring.

Sometimes you’ll even get the option to answer or reject calls from your smartwatch. And if it has built-in speakers and a mic, you’ll be able to carry out the whole call without taking your phone out or carrying your phone with you.

A bonus to using your phone less frequently is that your phone’s battery will last longer with you.

Instead of relying solely on your phone and constantly draining its battery and recharging it –something that invariably leads to reducing the longevity of the battery, you can divide the effort on both devices.

Add to that, it spares you the hassle of having to change the battery of the watch itself because it doesn’t even have a battery.  You simply have to charge your smartwatch. And you don’t even have to do it that often as most smartwatches can last a minimum of 3-4 days on a single charge.

5. Customizable to Your Personal Taste

With a traditional watch, you don’t get that much customization options. I mean, they usually come with a standard strap, so matching your watch to your outfit would require you to own multiple watches.

However, a lot of smartwatches come with interchangeable straps to fit your outfit. Moreover, you get to change the face of the screen itself. You can set it as a picture you took, a downloadable wallpaper, or whatever matches your mood.

Final Thoughts

After mentioning all these things, it’s not that hard to see how a smartwatch beats a traditional one in every way.

However, you may be concerned with the price. But if you think about it, in the long run, you may spend the same amount of money on changing the batteries of all the watches you own.

And when you compare the price to the technology integrated to the smartwatch, it doesn’t seem like an unfair trade-off.

A smartwatch can make your life a lot easier and more convenient, even in ways, you wouldn’t have noticed before.

Just let it be known that to really make use of the smartwatch, you have to be a little tech-savvy and have to be a technological enthusiast. Mix that with the great features a smartwatch has to offer and you have a match made in heaven!

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