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8 Reasons You Should Buy a Fitness Tracker

Why You Need To Buy a Fitness Tracker

Getting a fitness tracker is a very effective way to help you improve your health. With a variety of functions, your fitness tracker can tremendously help you get closer to the healthy lifestyle you aspire to reach.

What they do, basically, is they calculate your daily steps, count the number of calories you burn, monitor sleep patterns and eating habits.

By doing so, you’ll find it easier to make any changes to your life that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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8 Reasons You Need A Fitness Tracker

1. Keep tabs on your activity levels

A fitness tracker is the most reliable method to record your activity levels and push you to reach the minimum 10,000 steps per day that an active lifestyle requires.

Moreover, by always checking how many steps you took, the distance you’ve walked, and time of activity you’ve spent, you will be better able to know if you need to move more or maintain your level.

2. Share goals and compete with friends

With a fitness tracker, you can share your goals, progress, and statistics on social media or create a personal workout group where you and the members share competitive goals.

This works on two aspects of human nature:

  • When you voice your goals to someone, you’re more likely to follow through with the actions.
  • When you feel like you’re competing with someone, you’re more likely to put in more effort into your work.

3. Monitor your heart rate

Monitoring your heart rate can be very useful when it comes to giving you an insight into how healthy you are and your overall fitness levels –especially resting heart rates.

Some smartwatches even come with sensors to determine blood pressure and the blood oxygen levels of users.

4. Keep track of your sleeping patterns

Fitness trackers help you form a better idea regarding your sleeping patterns.

Sleep can have a great impact on your energy, mood, cravings, and metabolism.

Usually, you’d get information regarding the length and quality of your sleep, how deep you’ve slept, how many times you’ve woken up during the night, and how much time you spent in each sleep stage (REM, light, and deep).

If your sleep pattern is affecting your activity levels or overall health, a fitness tracker would be a choice to regulate it and make it healthier.

And generally, monitoring your sleep pattern can help you identify various sleep issues and get you on the road to fixing them.

5. Maintain a healthier diet and achieve weight loss

The tracking of fitness trackers doesn’t just stop at activities. You can make progress with your diet by logging all the food you take.

With some trackers and apps, you can get a detailed calorie count with the number of calories you should consume within the day. Then, every time you eat something and log it, it reduces the number and displays how many you have left.

When you’re aware of what you eat and the calories associated with it, you’re motivated to say no to some things and moderate on others, therefore reaching a fitter version of yourself.

6. Build habits for a healthier lifestyle

By monitoring all the aforementioned things, your fitness tracker will be able to recommend some manageable goals and easy-to-make changes that aim to help you develop healthier habits.

With its help, you can replace coffee breaks with refreshing walks and high-calorie foods with healthier ones.

Not only that but with the reminders on your fitness tracker, you’ll constantly be reminded to move and drink more water.

You can even make use of these reminders to either begin forming a healthy habit by reminding yourself to practice it (such as meditation) or to quit an unhealthy one by becoming more aware of how constantly you do it (such as smoking or biting your nails).

7. Holds you responsible

Getting a report of your activity levels just to find them relatively low makes you feel responsible and encourages you to move more.

This is applicable to consuming unhealthy foods, not drinking enough water, or not keeping a consistent sleeping schedule.

More often than not, we tend to put a lot of things before our health and not give priority to it. That’s why fitness trackers hold you accountable for your actions and give you a clearer idea.

And they’re more reliable than your memory recall or your wishful thinking.

8. Having a personal trainer on your wrist

Your fitness tracker can give you a personalized workout routine and guide you on how to perform the moves properly with the correct technique in order to achieve the expected results.

If you don’t have the time or the money to go to the gym and pay for a personal trainer, you can pay once for a smartwatch and get a lifetime of personal training.

Usually, they provide you with a fitness routine that you can follow to spare you the research and the wondering.

Some of them even come with a wide range of trainer profiles in order for you to pick the workout intensity level that best suits you.

Moreover, it also shows you the statistics of the previous day and encourages you to outdo yourself.

Final Thoughts

A fitness tracker is seriously a one-way ticket to a healthier lifestyle.

From keeping track of your activity levels, heart rate, sleeping patterns, calorie-intake, and setting mini-goals, there isn’t an aspect of your life that you wouldn’t be working on and improving.

Moreover, it motivates you to change your unhealthy behaviors, holds you accountable, and encourages you to set, pursue, and achieve your fitness goals by keeping you are of your daily habits and tracking your progress.

It’s like having a personal assistant whose whole job is to help you reach the best, fittest version of yourself.

And with the various brands on the market, you wouldn’t have to worry about not finding one that doesn’t match your budget, doesn’t have the features you’re looking for, or doesn’t fit your style.

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