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Is the Epson EcoTank Worth it [Simple Answer]

What is Epson EcoTank?

Epson EcoTank is a range of inkjet printers that were first introduced in 2015 and developed by Printer Manufacturer Epson. They are a set of printers that do not require traditional cartridges and hold their ink in refillable tanks, instead.

Epson EcoTank will save you money because you will not have to refill its ink cartridges over and over again within a short period. Instead, you will refill its ink tanks approximately every one to two years because it comes with tanks already filled with generous amounts of ink equivalent to up to 82 cartridges.

This will save you money and time because you will not have to spend a massive amount of money on buying new ink cartridges, and you also will not have to go through the whole process of recycling the empty ink cartridge.

Moreover, after the ink tanks dry out, you can buy ink bottles for less money than equivalent inkjet cartridges.

Who is Epson EcoTank Suitable For?

This technology is suitable for small businesses and home offices that need to print or copy a couple of hundred pages each month without worrying about the price of consumables.

Contrarily, it is not suitable for big offices that print a vast amount of paper monthly.

It Mainly Solves These Three Problems:

  1. Spending a huge amount of money on replacing ink cartridges.
  2. Running out of ink at inappropriate times.
  3. Losing time and efficiency because of having to change ink cartridges frequently.

Is the Epson EcoTank Worth it?

Do not rush into buying it If the above properties sound suitable for your needs and circumstances, continue reading to know its pros and cons so that you make an informed decision.


Good Properties 

Epson Ecotank has an excellent print quality, especially with photos. Moreover, it comes with a wide scanner that can fit large documents.


The printer comes with plenty of ink in the box. This ink is not likely to dry up because it sits in a tank and waits for you to use it. It can only evaporate, and that is unlikely to happen.


It requires about thirty fewer cartridges annually per employee.


You can connect the printer to your smartphone without either device being part of a network. All you have to do is to press the WPS button on your router so it begins looking for new devices, go to your product and press proceed, and then the device will automatically connect to the printer without having to enter a password.



Epson Ecotank takes time to print; for example, it takes almost 6 minutes to print an A4 photo. Moreover, it needs about 20 to 25 minutes as a charging period before printing.

Not suitable for Large Offices 

The printer is not ideal for high monthly print volumes, so not great for offices that print high volumes frequently.

Require a lot of Maintenance 

It is necessary to run frequent ink maintenance and essential to clean to prevent ink drying up.

The ink will dry up, and you will face problems if you leave the printer switched off for an extended period.

Although print heads are specially coated to prevent drying and clogging, they could still dry and clog if they are not maintained every time the printer is switched on.


If you have this kind of printer, you will have to pour ink into the chambers found on the right-hand side of the machine, which can be messy. It is advisable to wear rubber gloves on both hands while doing so.

However, if you are careful, you will not spill anything.

Risky Investment 

On buying this printer, you will not feel like you are saving because it is expensive. However, you will notice the money that is saved in the long run because this is more of an investment. However, if the Ecotank breaks down, your money will go down the drain.

Final Thoughts

Check the points I mentioned above and see whether they fit your purpose and conditions or not. After comparing the above pros and cons, you will be able to decide whether Epson Ecotank is a suitable printer for you or whether you still need to search for other printers.

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