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3 Ways to Recycle Printer Cartridges and Get Money Back

Recycling your ink cartridges is an extremely famous and important procedure. Changing your ink cartridge has many benefits, as it is good for the environment and can even save you loads of money. You can change your ink cartridge in many ways.

Throughout this article, we have compiled some of the best ways of recycling ink cartridges for cash.

Benefits of recycling ink cartridges

Benefits of recycling ink cartridges

There are many benefits to recycling your ink cartridges. If we line up all the cartridges used from all over the world, they can circle the globe up to five times.

This amount of junk is very harmful to the environment and causes pollution. Moreover, they fill up landfills. Throwing a cartridge in the trash is not the best option of disposal as the plastic adds to the waste stream and landfills. Additionally, you will lose the opportunity of reusing the plastic again.

You can recycle any ink cartridge up to 6 times only. If you recycle your cartridges, millions of cubic feet will be saved from being thrown in landfills and polluting the environment. This, in turn, saves you some money as well as protecting the environment and cutting the vast amounts of money spent on landfill management.

There are two types of cartridges:

1. Inkjet Cartridges

1. Ink Cartridge

You can easily store them by putting them in plastic zip-lock bags; you should then wrap the bags in newspapers. If you are going to sell them online, then you must place them in shipping containers.

2. Laser Cartridges

2. Laser Cartridge

You will need the original box. However, if it is not available, then you should wrap them tightly with newspapers. Since laser cartridges are heavy, they can weigh from 2.3 to 3.5 pounds each. Then you should add packing materials such as bubble wrap to prevent them from bouncing. 

We will now discuss the best ways of recycling your cartridges.

Best Ways of Recycling Your Cartridges

You can quickly sell your empty ink cartridges online, as many people are interested in buying used cartridges. You can sell them on eBay and make about 34$ for five or six cartridges. The best way of selling your empty cartridges is to sell multiple ones in the same “lot”; this increases your chances of attracting more customers. Additionally, adding more information about your cartridges will attract more customers. A fantastic tip that will make your prices rocket will be to write “virgin” in your description if your cartridges have never been refilled.

1. Use a Buy-Back Site

Many sites provide you with the service of purchasing your empty cartridges. They even pay for the shipping, and their procedure is that you keep sending them empty cartridges and once you reach a certain amount of money, you will be provided with a check. One of these sites is evolverecycling.

2. Changing them for In-Store Credit

Some of the major office-supply stores, such as Staples or OfficeDepot, provide you with the opportunity of turning in your empty cartridges in exchange for in-store credit. However, to turn in your cartridges, you must first acquire a membership; this might not suit a lot of people. But if you shop at that store regularly, buying a membership to change cartridges for money will save you a lot of cash, which you can use to purchase many useful items that you need.

3. Buy a Printer that has a Huge Cartridge

If you want to save yourself vast amounts of money, then this will be the best method to follow. Some printers, such as the Epson Ecotank series, contain a colossal cartridge. Their cartridge contains roughly the same amount of ink present in 80 regular cartridges. The Epson Ecotank costs more than a regular printer; however, you will be saving loads of money, as you will not change the ink cartridge.

Final thoughts

Finally, we can say that recycling your cartridges is the right thing for you as it saves you money and it is excellent for the environment as you cut down pollution. Whether you choose to sell them on eBay, use a buy-back site, or even sell them for in-store cash, you will never regret recycling them.

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