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How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi?

So you’ve got yourself a brand new HP wireless printer, and now you want to connect it to WiFi and start printing. However, the setup process may seem a little complicated at first.

That’s why we’ve created this simple step by step guide to help you get your HP printer online right away.

Preparing your HP Printer for the Setup Process

Before we begin the setup process, there are a few things you need to do for everything to work correctly.

Your computer, router and printer should preferably be in the same room to avoid any Connection problems. 

It’s also a good idea to reset the HP printer network settings, especially if it’s not your first attempt to set up the WiFi connectivity. 

Moreover, make sure that there are no paper jams or anything that could disrupt the process. 

Steps to Connect your HP Printer to WiFi

  1. Press the Wireless Button on your printer until you notice a blinking light.
  2. If you can’t find a dedicated Wireless Button on your printer, open the “Control Panel” on your printer’s screen and select “Settings,” then select “Network.”
  3. Now select “Wireless Settings” and choose “WiFi-Protected Setup,” then push the start button.
  4. Press the WPS button on your router and hold for a few seconds until the WPS LED is blinking.
  5. Give the printer some time to find and connect to your network. 

After performing the previous steps, it’s time to set up the printer on your computer as follows: 

For Windows Users

  1. Make sure that your router is close to the computer and that the printer is close to both of them. It’s recommended that you keep the three of them in the same room.
  2. Download your printer’s installation file from HP’s website or use the included CD.
  3. Open the downloaded file to initiate the installation process. Click “Continue” a few times until a list of printers’ names appears.
  4. If you can’t see your printer’s name on the list, click on “My Printer Hasn’t Shown” Button. Click “Continue” and choose “Wireless Network.” 
  5. After the setup is over, choose your printer’s type(ex: laserjet) then select the features according to your printer, like whether your printer has a touchscreen or not.
  6. After you’re done, connect your printer to your computer via USB cable and click “Continue” to save the network settings. Finally, disconnect the cable.

For Mac Users

  1. Go to and type in your printer model’s in the search box until your printer’s name appears in the drop-down menu. Click begin then press Download.
  2. After you’ve downloaded the required installation file, click on it to launch the installer and begin the setup process.
  3. In the installer window, click on HP Inkjet SW then proceed with the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete.
  4. Close the installer, and the HP Utility software should appear automatically. In the setup window, select your printer’s name and click “Continue.”
  5. Press on the “Plus” button and select your printer’s name to add the printer to Mac.
  6. Click the “Print Using” menu and select your printer’s name again.
  7. Proceed with the on-screen instructions, and now you should be able to use your printer over WiFi.

HP Printer WiFi Connection Troubleshooting

Sometimes your HP printer may lose a connection even if you’ve done the setup process correctly. Here are a few tips to get your HP printer back online:

  • Restart your computer, printer, and router
  • Update your printer’s driver
  • Set your printer as the default printer
  • Clear all pending prints
  • Check your system’s firewall
  • Reset the printer and start all over
  • Update your router’s firmware
  • Try connecting to a different network
  • Update your computer’s software

Final Thoughts

If you’re still having a hard time connecting your HP printer to WiFi, contact HP’s customer service for more in-depth technical support. 

You could also ask other users on HP’s Support community to see if anyone else is having a similar problem to yours.

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