How to Pick a Smartwatch

How to Choose a Smartwatch

From tracking your fitness activity to making calls and making online payments, smartwatches make several things a lot easier.

However, choosing the ideal smartwatch for yourself may not be so easy.

But this article is here to walk you through all the information you need to know before settling on a choice.

Your Budget

Determining your budget is the first step when it comes to narrowing down your choices a little.

You can get a smartwatch for just a little over 100 dollars like the TicWatch E or the Charge 3 or for over 400 like the Apple Watch Series 4.

And while you may be quick to jump the conclusion that the higher the price of the smartwatch, the better and more features it has, that’s actually not the case.

In fact, the Apple Watch Series 4 has fewer fitness features than a lower budget watch like the Garmin Vivoactive 3, for example.

This can be attributed to the fact that the Apple Watch Series 4 integrates more technology and therefore better smart features.

Some of the expensive smartwatches on the market like the Kate Spade Scallop or the Michael Kors Access have very few features compared to many other options.

Some smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch work on combining between the versatility of functions and affordability of the price.

Style and Design

The size of the components, colors available, and materials used in the strap and case are all elements of design that can impact how the smartwatch looks when you’re wearing it or what you can style it with.

Most smartwatches such as the Watch Series from Apple, the Samsung Gear or Galaxy Watch, and Fitbit devices are designed to be unisex.

However, some of them have a more masculine design like the TicWatch Pro or the Samsung Gear Sport. This is mainly because they have bigger displays that would make them stand out on the wrist.

On the other hand, some come in petite proportions to have a more feminine design such as the Kate Spade Scallop. Its rose color and flowery animations also have some impact on the target audience.

Fossil likes to distinguish their products and they have 2 Fossil Q models, one for men and one for women.

Screen and Display

This is where the magic happens. The bigger your display is, the clearer you’ll see the information and stats at a glance.

One of the best watches that employs all the space possible for the display without compromising battery life or other features is the Apple Watch Series 4.

It also has a color touchscreen –two things you should look for on your smartwatch to make your experience more enjoyable instead of settling for a black and white or grayscale display.

Moreover, the resolution of the display also plays an important role. A 360 x 360-pixel resolution on a 1.2-inch display seems like a nice combination. If you’re settling for a smaller size, keep a higher resolution and vice versa.

Battery Life and Charging

How long the battery life is and how often you’re going to charge your device are two faces to one coin.

The more features on your smartwatch, the shorter its battery life will be.

Especially when it comes to built-in GPS –a feature known to drain the battery quite fast.

Moreover, how long you have to charge your device for can also make a difference.

Short charging time can make up for a battery that gets drain quickly.

The average battery life is 4 or 5 days. If you’re going to settle for less, the watch better have some neat features to compensate.

Fitness Features

You can get a smartwatch with a few fitness features such as step counting and calories burned.

Or you can get a more advanced one that has heart-rate tracking and built-in GPS.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch Series 4, or Garmin Vivoactive 3 all have great fitness features and water-resistance up to 165 feet.

Health and Smart Features

Smart features are a key factor when it comes to determining whether a smartwatch is a good one in general and specifically for yourself.

The basic smartwatch would include features like text, call, and smartphone app notifications. Some also have a Quick Replies feature that enables the user to send fast responses from their watch.

On the other hand, some smartwatches come with amazing technology such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch. With IoT (Internet of Things) technology, the Samsung Galaxy Watch enables you to turn your watch into a home automation hub.

Consequently, you can control smart and compatible home appliances such as your TV, vacuum cleaner, and air conditioner through your watch.

The Apple Watch Series also comes with an impressive System in Package (SiP) technology that enables it to pack so much technology in a very compact space. Its S4 chip works on enhancing efficiency and speeding up processes.

Most smartwatches will be equipped with NFC chips that allow you to make online payments. This means you can leave your phone behind when you’re going on an evening jog.

Moreover, some extra features would include music control or even an ability to store music directly on the smartwatch itself –allowing you to have a full experience without your phone around.

Compatibility with Devices

It’s worth mentioning that a smartwatch operating on a specific operating system will probably deliver more functions if you pair it with a smartphone or a device that runs on the same operating system.

In essence, Apple’s Watch Series smartwatches will probably give you the optimum functionality when you connect them to an iPhone.

Similarly, to get some of the Samsung Galaxy Watch's features, you'll need to pair it with a Samsung phone or one that runs on the Android operating system.

You can also opt for smartwatches that are operating system-neutral and give you the same functions and features despite your phone’s operating system such as the Fitbit devices.

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