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Canon T7 Vs Canon T7i Reviews

One Word Can Make Big Difference – Canon T7 Vs Canon T7i Reviews

Searching for a pleasant fledgling benevolent DSLR camera? There are a number of cameras available in the market, both of past and current ages, in any case, finding the best camera for you to catch some excellent snapshots of life is certifiably not a very simple errand. 

When choosing which DSLR camera to go with, it tends to be difficult to select the most ideal alternative for you. Since there are endless models and value ranges for these cameras, we accepted the open door to thinking about the Canon T7 and the Canon T7i to assist you with settling on the best choice. 

In this review, we will offer you the right information that will help you to differentiate the best model of Canon either to go with the Canon T7 or Canon T7i. Be with us till the last to get the final conclusion.

Side by Side Comparison – Canon T7 Vs Canon T7i

Canon T7

canon T7

  • Articulating LCD Screen: No
  • Viewfinder Resolution: 920k
  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 3.0 fps
  • Dynamic Range : 100-6400
  • Low Light ISO : 12,800 
  • Battery Life : 500 Shots 
  • Time-Lapse Recording: No
  • Touchscreen: No
  • Selfie Friendly LCD: No
  • Bluetooth Connection: No
  • Microphone Port : No
  • Dimension : 5.08 x 3.98 x 3.07 inches
  • Weight : 1.05 lb


Canon T7i

Canon T7i

  • Articulating LCD Screen: Yes
  • Viewfinder Resolution: 1.040K
  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 6.0 fps
  • Dynamic Range : 100-25,600
  • Low Light ISO : 51,200
  • Battery Life : 600 Shots
  • Time-Lapse Recording: Yes
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Selfie Friendly LCD: Yes
  • Bluetooth Connection: Yes
  • Microphone Port : Yes
  • Dimension : 3.00 x 5.20 x 3.90 inches
  • Weight : 1.18 lbs 


 Video Comparison between Canon T7 and Canon T7i 

Canon T7 VS Canon T7i – Similarities

Both CanonT7 and CanonT7i share some similar features. Some of them are: 

  • Wireless Connection

Both models of cameras offer a wireless connection. You can easily share your photo with the computer or other devices by connecting with the Wi-Fi network. 

  • Screen size

Both of them come with a 3 inches screen display. The photographer can take sharp and crisp images with this screen size. 

  • Sensor Size

The photographer gets the same level of control over the depth of field when used with the same focal length and aperture of Canon T7 and Canon T7i as they both have the same sensor sizes. 

  • Built-in flash

To illuminate a dark scene, both of the cameras come with the internal flash feature. 

Differences Between Canon T7 And Canon T7i 

  • Design

The Canon T7 is lighter and somewhat sleeker, however, the errors between the loads are little enough that they should not have a huge effect on usefulness. The Canon T7 whose weight is 475g, has an overall dimension of 129x101x78mm and Canon T7i, has 131x100x76mm and 532g. Neither of these cameras highlights climate sealing in their plan, so they are not ideal for shooting outside without appropriate safety measures set up. 

The Canon T7i highlights a completely expressed LCD screen, and this permits the screen to be controlled for simpler use. Generally, there is not a lot of distinction in the plan, yet in the event that a completely articulating screen is a need, the Canon T7i is the best approach. 

  • Quality of image

The features of the CanonT7i makes the image quality much better as compared to the CanonT7. The T7i model comes with 45 pints of recognition whereas the T7 comes with only 9 points. The Canon T7i likewise has the advantage with regards to consistent shooting with 6.0 fps versus the Canon T7 with simply 3.0 fps. These capacities can have a major effect with regards to picture quality, particularly on the off chance that you intend to depend on the self-adjust include.

  • Touchscreen

The EOS Rebel T7i camera comes with touchscreen LCD whereas Canon EOS 2000D Rebel T7 does not have touchscreen convenience. You can easily operate the screen of the camera with its touchscreen feature. 

  • Battery Life

The Canon T7 and the Canon T7i have great battery life that will last long for shoots. The Canon T7 has a battery life of 500 frames, though the Canon T7i can keep going on a solitary charge for 600 frames. In general, battery life is not really a major issue for most picture takers yet the Canon T7i will last around 100 shots longer if that is a significant element for you.

Pros and Cons

Just like everything, these models of cameras also have some pros and cons. Have a look at them. 

Canon T7

  • Built-In Flash
  • Easy Wireless Connectivity
  • Face Detection Focusing
  • Full HD Video
  • Fixed Screen Type
  • Continuous Shooting 3.0 fps
  • 9 Focus Points
  • No Microphone Port

 Canon T7i 

  • Good colors
  • Touchscreen feature
  • Tilt-swivel screen
  • The Fantastic battery life of the camera
  • Good image quality at high ISOs
  • No way to edit the RAW files
  • Canon’s sensors are starting to fall behind.
  • No Internal GPSr

The Final Verdict

From the above description of the Rebel cameras, we find regarding highlights, the Rebel T7i is unmistakably the champ. The Rebel T7 is a most recent model that actually can be found in the current item line of Canon Rebel arrangement while the Rebel T7i camera has been stopped and supplanted by a similar line of camera, Canon T8i.

Quickly contrasting the qualities of Canon T7i and T7, the Rebel T7i offers better jpg, better live pic, self-adjust, gives bigger viewfinder picture, more selfie-accommodating, quicker cushion clearing, contact screen office, better solid and intensely limited while, you can pick the Rebel T7 camera as it is less weighty, more moderate and the most recent form.

Seeing the quantity of relative quality proportion, T7i is a definitive victor with preferable highlights over the dissident T7 camera from Canon. Notwithstanding, the pertinence of a few individual cameras highlights changes as per individual requirements and decisions. Along these lines, the ultimate choice of picking the best camera for you is frequently your own decision as it were. By looking at the features and benefits you can go with the most suitable one.


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