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Best Fitness Trackers for Kids in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Fitness trackers have been around for quite some time, but only in recent years have they been engineered for kids. What differentiates a tracker that’s intended for kids from a regular tracker? Fitness trackers for kids tend to have rudimentary designs and simpler sets of features.

If the product you’re evaluating fails to meet the above-mentioned criterion, chances are that it’s not an optimal option for kids. This article attempts to showcase the best fitness trackers for kids today. We’ll also provide a simple checklist that will help ensure the most value for your money. 

List of the Best Fitness Trackers for Kids:

  • Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 – Best Overall Fitness Tracker for Kids
  • Fitbit Ace – Best Fitness Tracker for Tweens and Teenagers
  • Leapfrog LeapBand – Best Fitness Tracker for Kids Aged 4-7 
  • UNICEF Kid Power Band – Best for Educational Purposes
  • Fitbit Ace 2 – Most Durable Fitness Tracker for Kids 
  • LETSCOM HR – Best for GPS Tracking
  • VTech KidiZoom DX2 – Best Option for Young Photographers
  • Fitbit Zip – Best Step Tracker for Kids
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit – Best for HR Monitoring

Our Top Picks

ProductAge GroupBattery LifeGPS Tracking
Garmin Vivofit Jr 24-12 Years Old1 Year (Coin)No
Fitbit Ace12-18 Years Old4-5 DaysNo
Leapfrog LeapBand4-7 Years Old3-4 DaysNo
UNICEF Kid Power4-12 Years Old1-2 WeeksNo
Fitbit Ace 24-12 Years Old4-5 DaysNo
LETSCOM HR12-18 Years Old5-10 DaysYes
VTech KidiZoom DX24-7 Years Old2-3 DaysNo
Fitbit Zip12-18 Years Old6 Months (Coin)No
Samsung Galaxy Fit12-18 Years Old3-4 DaysNo

The 9 Best Fitness Trackers for Kids in 2020

The fitness trackers market is quite a fiery one in general, but things in the kids’ department are quiet for some odd reason. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop us from scouring the online market for kid-friendly fitness trackers. Here’s our list of the best fitness trackers for kids. 

1. Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 – Best Overall Fitness Tracker for Kids

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2

The Vivofit Jr 2 is Garmin’s second entry in the market of kid-intended fitness trackers following its predecessor, the Garmin Vivofit Jr. The Vivofit Jr 2 functions quite similarly to the Vivofit 4 or the Vivosport. Some of its notable features include step counting and sleep monitoring.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we feel the need to dedicate a paragraph or two to stress how fond we are of Vivofit Jr 2’s eye-catching design. This is a fitness tracker that’s branded with an impressive range of kid-related themes, from Marvel and Disney to the iconic Star Wars. 

Each model of the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 boasts its own unique band and watch face design. That’s not all, each model features a theme-related game app that your child can access when the unit is paired with a smartphone. The themes are quite universal, so it’s likely to appeal to all kids.

The overall construction of this fitness tracker is very solid and water-resistant. Further, the band is made of high-quality rubber that’ll last for quite some time. There are two band sizes available for this unit: a stretchy band for little kids and a classic band for older children and teens. 

The Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 does a remarkable job of encouraging children to hit daily milestones by introducing fun games that you can only access if you accomplish your daily activity goals. Also, new watch faces and badges are unlocked as you keep on accomplishing your daily goals. 

There are plenty of other functionalities that the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 has to offer when it comes to motivating your child to complete daily activity chores, but we’ll leave that for you to explore with your child if you decide to purchase this fitness tracker, which happens to be quite affordable. 

As far as battery life, the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 features a standard coin cell battery that lasts for an entire year until needing to be replaced, which is good news for people who don’t want to bother themselves with charging cradles and docking platforms. Highly recommended overall!


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Various appealing themes
  • Interactive color display
  • Completely water-resistant
  • Very durable rubber bands
  • An excellent sleep tracker


  • No heart rate monitoring
  • The screen is quite small

Final Verdict

We’ll just put it like this: the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is a gadget that all of us adults would have loved to own in our younger years. It’ll help keep your kids active, healthy, and entertained. 

2. Fitbit Ace – Best Fitness Tracker for Tweens and Teenagers

Fitbit Ace

It’s highly unlikely for us to include two models of the same product on any of our lists, but when it comes to the Fitbit Ace, we just have to talk about the OG device before we can talk about the new one. Thanks to its sleek and contemporary design, the Fitbit Ace is an ideal pick for teens. 

The Fitbit Ace is quite similar to the Fitbit Alta in terms of design. The glaring difference between the two activity trackers is that the Fitbit Ace features a smaller hand band that’s more suited for children. This activity tracker can track your step count, active minutes, and sleep levels.

Even though it has a stainless steel body, the Fitbit Ace is still one of the lightest activity trackers on this list. The fitness tracker also comes with a matching clasp for convenience. Moreover, the equipped rubber band is quite durable and highly flexible for comfort purposes. 

While not completely water-resistant, the Fitbit Ace can handle short dunks in the water. It’s also showerproof, so you don’t have to worry about taking it off before getting under the shower. One of the most notable differences between this activity tracker and the Vivofit Jr 2 is app views. 

To elaborate, the Fitbit Ace’s app features two views: one for the child and one for the parent. In other words, you’ll have the ability to control the settings and be in charge of the overall account as the parent. The Vivofit Jr 2’s app, on the other hand, features only one view. 

Fitbit Ace’s screen is one of the main reasons why it’s amongst our top contenders for the title of the best fitness tracker for kids. It has a resolution of 128 x 36 pixels, and every time you tap it, it’ll switch to one of its 10 different digital watch faces. This helps keep it interesting to look at. 

As far as battery life, the Fitbit Ace can last for about 4-5 days of continuous use on one charge. Recharging the battery usually takes about 2-3 hours. The Fitbit Ace is amongst the best activity trackers when it comes to motivating children to accomplish their daily fitness goals. 

For more, check out our guide to the best Fitbit for kids.


  • Tremendous battery life
  • The app boasts two views
  • Numerous achievements
  • 10 different watch faces
  • Outstanding LED display 
  • Partially water-resistant


  • Limited to two colors only
  • No heart rate monitoring

Final Verdict

The Fitbit Ace manages to strike the perfect balance between being kid-friendly and looking like something that a teen would be proud to wear, which makes it an ideal option for teenyboppers. 

3. Leapfrog LeapBand – Best Fitness Tracker for Kids Aged 4-7 

Leapfrog LeapBand

The Leapfrog LeapBand is among the best kids fitness trackers for a range of reasons. This is a game-oriented tracker, meaning that it’s all about having fun rather than keeping an eye on a lot of numbers. This is mainly why we think it’s the best fitness tracker for young children. 

What exactly do we mean by game-oriented? Simply put, this fitness watch motivates your child to move around by setting up a bunch of physical challenges that reward your kid with ‘jewels’ if he/she accomplishes them. Your child can then use these jewels to look after a virtual pet. 

The device offers your child the ability to choose between a bunch of different virtual pets. Some of the pets include a dog, cat, monkey, penguin, panda, dragon, and more. In order to keep their pets happy, children will have to complete a wide range of different physical activities.

The Leapfrog LeapBand boasts a super colorful design, which is another reason why it’s optimal for children between 4 and 7 years old. The watch features 10 pre-loaded games, but you’ll gain access to 40 more by ascending to higher levels. Some of the games are very educational.

As a parent, the Leapfrog LeapBand fitness watch offers you full control over the various modes that it has to offer. You can set the Leapfrog LeapBand to Move Mode, Player Mode, Quiet Time Mode, and a lot more. Based on the names of the modes, what they do is self-explanatory.

The Leapfrog LeapBand can be paired with a computer in order to allow the parent to select the time when your child can access the play modes. This takes place with the help of an app, and it bases the selection on your child’s age level. The Leapfrog LeapBand is also quite affordable!

The Leapfrog LeapBand’s battery life spans about 3-4 days based on how intensively you use it. It houses a rechargeable battery that you can recharge using the included USB cable. Sadly, it’s not accompanied by a USB wall charger. All in all, an appealing way to help kids move. 


  • Extremely attractive design 
  • Offers the parent full control
  • Easy for children to figure out
  • A highly affordable price tag
  • Equipped with a lot of games
  • The games are educational


  • Lacks a volume control option
  • Uncomfortable to wear for long

Final Verdict

The Leapfrog LeapBand fitness watch isn’t all about activity tracking, but it’s also about offering children a great deal of healthy entertainment. Highly recommended for young children. 

4. UNICEF Kid Power Band – Best for Educational Purposes

UNICEF Kid Power Band

The UNICEF Kid Power Band is named one of the “best inventions” by TIME magazine, and it’s considered to be the world’s very first wearable for good. As you can see, there’s a ton of hype backing up this kids’ activity tracker, but does the UNICEF Kid Power Band live up to the hype? 

What is the UNICEF Kid Power Band, and how is it intended to help children? Well, It’s basically a one-size-fits-most fitness band that can help kids keep tabs on their movement and steps. No matter how many steps you take, the UNICEF Kid Power Band will keep on counting. 

In addition to keeping track of your child’s many steps, the UNICEF Kid Power Band grants you access to therapeutic food packets that UNICEF itself sends to malnourished children based on your activity. So it’s not just any kids fitness tracker, it’s one that ensures ideal nourishment. 

Admittedly, the UNICEF Kid Power Band isn’t the most fun option on our list. It doesn’t offer any games that can help keep your kid entertained. It’s a straightforward activity tracking gadget. It’s not a kids’ sleep tracker, though, which is something that we feel it needs. 

The reason why we deemed this unit to be the best activity tracking unit in terms of education is that it features in-app missions that offer children the ability to learn a lot about various countries and cultures around the world. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. v sportfogadás  

The UNICEF Kid Power Band boasts a water-resistant and kid-tested design. In other words, it’s one of the most durable kids fitness trackers on the list. You can administer various UNICEF Kid Power Bands from one device. You can also set up individual profile information via the device. 

The UNICEF Kid Power Band’s shining feature has to be its battery life. It has a battery life that lasts approximately 2 weeks on a single charge. In addition, it only takes 1 hour to recharge the battery. Lastly, it’s worth noting that the UNICEF Kid Power is available to eligible schools.


  • Offers visual touch technology 
  • Boasts unmatched battery life
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Kids learn about other cultures
  • One of the best step trackers
  • Available in a range of colors


  • Very limited tracking capabilities
  • Information is lost after 30 days

Final Verdict

While not the most capable exercise tracker for kids, the UNICEF Kid Power is one of the best kids fitness trackers in terms of educational purposes. Not to mention its excellent battery life.  

5. Fitbit Ace 2 – Most Durable Fitness Tracker for Kids

Fitbit Ace 2

We’ve already gone over the OG Fitbit Ace kids fitness tracker, but now it’s time to shed light on its successor, the Fitbit Ace 2. This fitness watch costs around $30 less than its predecessor, so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It’s also available in a range of fun colors for convenience. روليت للايفون

The Fitbit Ace 2 is arguably the most durable fitness watch on our list, as it consists of a rugged silicone band that’s a lot more durable than the metal band that the original Fitbit Ace has. Also, the silicone band is highly adjustable to accommodate your child’s wrist comfortably. 

It’s also worth noting that the Fitbit Ace 2 is completely water-resistant, which makes it an ideal option for swimmers. The Fitbit Ace 2, just like its predecessor, is a lot similar to the Alta, but its design is more geared towards children. The overall exterior is perfect for younger children.

The Ace 2 is one of the easiest fitness watches to use. It features only one button, which helps make the navigation process quite simple. The device also offers you the ability to change and customize the clock faces so that you don’t grow tired of seeing the same clock face every day.

This is a great activity tracking watch for counting steps and total active minutes. No matter how many steps you intend on taking, the Ace 2 won’t miss any of them. In terms of encouragement, the Ace 2 unlocks new badges and fun characters the more steps you take. 

The Ace 2 is also a brilliant sleep tracker. You can use it to monitor nocturnal activity and sleep patterns. It also features a bedtime reminder function that you can employ to keep your child on a schedule. To add, it features an alarm function that will help wake your child up in the morning.

The Ace 2 uses the same app that the original Ace uses, meaning that it also has two views for your convenience as a parent. mi az a bukméker As far as battery life, this brilliant sleep tracker and step counter can last for up to 5 days on a single charge. ingyen gaminátor játékok Recharging the battery takes about 2 hours. 


  • The most durable on our list
  • Highly adjustable wrist band
  • Costs less than the Fitbit Ace
  • Water-resistant construction 
  • The band is easily swappable
  • The Fitbit app has two views


  • Doesn’t feature any games 
  • Lacks heart rate monitoring 

Final Verdict

If durability is your main concern when shopping for a fitness tracker for kids, then you need to give the Fitbit Ace 2 some consideration. It’s not ideal for kids older than 10 years old, though. 

6. LETSCOM HR – Best for GPS Tracking 


The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker isn’t one that’s designed primarily for kids. However. It features a simplistic, kid-friendly design and a host of easy-to-use features, so according to the criterium that we’ve established at the beginning of this article, this is a suitable tracker for children. 

The first thing you’ll notice about this fitness tracking device is its fairly large OLED display, with its vibrant presentation and rich black. The thing about OLED panels, however, is that they tend to drain the battery pretty quickly, but the LETSCOM HR manages to overcome that nicely.

We wouldn’t recommend the LETSCOM HR for younger kids between the age of 4 and 12 since it features a pretty mature design that doesn’t boast any bright colors. It looks quite similar to the Fitbit Ace, which is why we think it’s a more affordable alternative for teenagers. 

The main reason why we’ve included the LETSCOM HR to our list is that it boasts GPS tracking capabilities, which is arguably its strongest selling point. Not only that, but it’s also a remarkable sleep tracker, and it offers a heart rate monitoring, all at an affordable value tag of less than $25.

Everything about the LETSCOM HR seems fine and dandy so far, but when you get to using the companion app, the letdowns start to appear. We just feel that the app is quite basic and suffers from synchronization problems once every blue moon. Just something to keep in mind. 

On the bright side, the LETSCOM HR features a great design that boasts excellent durability. It has an IP67 rating, meaning that it’s weather and water-resistant. However, if you plan on taking the watch for a swim, then don’t dive deeper than 1 meter or longer than 30 minutes. 

We’ve already mentioned that OLED screens are battery drainers, but it doesn’t seem to be the case with the LETSCOM HR, as it boasts a remarkable battery life of 5-10 days, based on how intensively you use it, which is incredible considering how affordable the unit is. 


  • Superb GPS tracking capabilities
  • Boasts an exceptional battery life
  • Super vivid display with rich black
  • One of the most affordable trackers
  • Durable design with an IP67 rating 
  • Equipped with a heart rate monitor 


  • The companion app is pretty basic
  • Not primarily designed for children 

Final Verdict

Granted, the LETSCOM HR isn’t an activity tracking device that’s designed mainly for kids, but the simplicity of its design and features is what grants it a spot on our list. What do you think?

7. VTech KidiZoom DX2 – Best Option for Young Photographers

VTech KidiZoom DX2

The VTech KidiZoom DX2 isn’t necessarily a fitness tracker, it’s more of a smartwatch designed for kids. Not only will it help keep your child entertained, but it will keep both his frame and mind active with its extensive array of fun games and mini-logic puzzles. 888 casino arab

Just by looking at the KidiZoom DX2, you can instantly see that it’s strictly for children. We don’t recommend buying it for an older child or a teenager, as it’ll probably embarrass them in front of their friends. It’s an ideal product for children between the age of 4 and 7 years old. 

KidiZoom DX2’s watch face is one of the most attractive ones on this list, and the interface is fun and easy to use. As far as the bands, they’re available in an impressive range of vivid colors, so you’ll definitely find your child’s favorite color. The bands are easily swappable as well. 

The strongest selling point the KidiZoom DX2 has to offer is its two cameras. The front camera can be used to take selfies, while the one on the side can be used to capture pictures and videos on the surroundings. If your kid is into photography, this will be a fun gift to buy him/her. 

As far as kids fitness, the VTech KidiZoom DX2 features a number of activity challenges that will help keep your child on his/her feet. Also, the unit is equipped with motion-controlled games that keep your child engaged and having fun by triggering sound effects when there’s movement. 

Equipped within the KidiZoom DX2 is a game by the name of Monster Catcher. It’s pretty similar to Pokemon GO in the sense that it constructs an augmented reality that your kid can scout out in the real world and search for monsters, combining activity and entertainment together.

This unit also features mini-logic puzzles that are intended to keep your kid’s logical skills sharp. The KidiZoom DX2 also allows you to download additional games to the pre-existing ones. With heavy use, the battery life should be around 2-3 days, which isn’t much compared to other units.


  • Has a super appealing design
  • Keeps the mind and body active
  • The only unit to feature cameras
  • Teaches children how to tell time
  • One of the most affordable units
  • The games are fun and engaging


  • The watch isn’t water-resistant
  • The battery life is quite subpar

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a watch that won’t only keep your child’s body active, but also his/her mind, the VTech KidiZoom DX2 is the way to go. Highly recommended for young photographers. 

8. Fitbit Zip – Best Step Tracker for Kids

Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit Zip isn’t a banded fitness tracker, it’s more like a pocket fitness tracker that can help you track distance, steps, and burned calories. The Zip features a clip that allows you to attach it to various clothing items such as belts and pockets. It’s perfect for both kids and adults.

The Fitbit Zip features an LCD panel, so you don’t have to worry about it having a short battery life like units that are equipped with OLED panels. The display is black and white, which can be quite boring for some people, but it’s satisfactory for tracking basic metrics. 

The Fitbit Zip’s tracking abilities are quite limited, however, as it’s not capable of tracking sleep or heart rate. But considering the price tag, the Fitbit Zip is a pretty sweet deal. The Zip utilizes the same app that the Ace uses, so both units have pretty similar tracking capabilities. 

The Zip’s strongest selling point is its insane durability. The clip is made of durable silicone and the unit itself, along with its internal components, are made of thermoplastic. Not only is it highly resistant to impact, but the Fitbit Zip is also water-resistant against splashes, rain, and sweat.

However, we feel the need to stress that the Fitbit Zip isn’t waterproof, meaning that you cannot go swimming while having it on you, as that will render it useless. It’s very important to know the difference between water-resistant and waterproof in order to get your money’s worth. 

The Zip may not be a kid-specific fitness tracker, but its minimal features and simple design are what make it an ideal pick for kids, especially the ones that don’t like wearing wrist bands. Also, thanks to its high durability, it can easily withstand children’s typical rough play.

The Fitbit Zip isn’t rechargeable, as it houses a traditional 3V coin battery, which lasts for about 6 months before needing to be replaced. The battery isn’t hard to replace too. If you’re not a fan of plugging your tracker to a charger every few days, the Fitbit Zip is right up your alley. 


  • A very accurate step tracker
  • Has a user-friendly interface 
  • One of the most durable units
  • Boasts exceptional battery life
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Easy for children to figure out


  • Doesn’t feature sleep tracking
  • The display is black and white

Final Verdict

There’s not a lot of bells and whistles involved with the Fitbit Zip, but at the end of the day, it’s a reliable step, distance, and calories tracker. It’s also band-less, so it’s quite comfortable. 

9. Samsung Galaxy Fit – Best for HR Monitoring

Samsung Galaxy Fit

The final product on our list is the exceptional Samsung Galaxy Fit. Being placed at the bottom of our list doesn’t mean that it lacks in function or that it’s not ideal for kids, in fact, it’s a device that most teenagers would be proud to wear, but it’s not the reason why it’s on our list.

The main reason why the Samsung Galaxy Fit has made it to our list is because of its excellent heart rate monitoring feature. The unit sends real-time reports whenever an abnormal heart rate is detected. البينجو Not only that, but the Samsung Galaxy Fit is also a fantastic sleep tracer.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit isn’t just a heart rate and sleep tracker, it’s a full-blown fitness tracker. You can use it to track daily steps, water/caffeine intake, calories burned, and a lot more. Also, it can track your activity, be it walking, running, cycling, or even hopping on the elliptical.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit utilizes an app called Galaxy Fit, which you can download for free. The data collected by the tracker can all be synced to the application. How does that help? It serves as a means of keeping the parents up to date on how much their kid is exercising. 

As long as the unit is paired with your smartphone, you’ll be able to receive notifications straight to your wrist. Display-wise, the Galaxy Fit features a vivid, full-color AMOLED panel that has an always-on function. You can swipe/touch it to switch between workout routines and notifications. 

As far as the build quality, there’s nothing to fault this fitness tracker with. It boasts a swim-ready design with exceptional, military-grade durability that can withstand impact, dust, water, and any climate change. Durability is imperative when in search of the best fitness tracker for kids. 

The battery life spans an average of about 3-4 days, depending on usage, which isn’t a lot when you compare it to other fitness trackers, but it’s still pretty satisfactory. The Galaxy Fit allows you to send quick replies, keep tabs on schedules, and be aware of the forecast with ease. 


  • Offers accurate sleep monitoring
  • Can track a wide range of activities
  • One of the best sleep trackers
  • A vivid, full-color AMOLED panel
  • Durable, swim-ready construction
  • Receives notifications from phones


  • Not the most impressive battery life
  • Only ideal for older kids and teens

Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Fit is one of the most complete activity trackers on the market. It features just about everything you’d want to see in a fitness tracker. Recommended only for older kids!

Five Benefits of Having a Fitness Trackers for Kids

If you’re wondering why you should buy your child a fitness tracker rather than whatever it is you buy for kids these days, here are a number of reasons that will definitely convince you.

1. Promotes Healthy Habits 

The whole purpose behind fitness trackers is to promote healthy habits. These units offer kids a reason to step outside and be more active by employing incentives like special badges and new clock faces whenever they accomplish their daily activity and fitness goals. 

2. Keeps Children Motivated

Instead of staring at their smartphone all day, kids will be staring at their fitness trackers in order to keep tabs on how close they are to completing their fitness objectives. Seeing these numbers and the rewards they receive when they reach their goals helps keep them motivated. 

3. Ensures Ideal Sleep Quality

Fitness trackers that are equipped with sleep tracking capabilities like the Fitbit Ace 2 allow you to keep tabs on your child’s sleep duration and cycles. The unit will report useful information that can help you make some lifestyle changes in order to improve your kid’s sleep quality. 

4. A Source of Entertainment

Kids of all ages are in love with gaming, no matter what type of gaming it is. Fitness trackers are the perfect blend of activity and gaming. Fitness units such as the Leapfrog LeapBand, Vivofit Jr 2, and KidiZoom DX2 grant kids access to a ton of games upon reaching their activity goals. 

5. Grants Parents Full Control

Most activity tracking watches that are designed mainly for kids allow the parents to manage the accounts and keep tabs on their child’s activities. This is a feature that gives the parent all the insight needed to make lifestyle changes in favor of improving their child’s average activity level. 

How to Pick a Fitness Tracker for Kids

Finding the best fitness tracker for kids isn’t as straightforward as it may come across. There are a number of factors that you must take into consideration to ensure the most bang for the buck. 

1. Ease of Use

The first factor you need to consider when shopping for a fitness tracker for children is the ease of use. The device needs to be user-friendly so that it doesn’t take your child ages to figure it all out. To ensure the best results, base your selection on your child’s age group.

2. Battery Life

Fitness trackers tend to either house rechargeable batteries or coin batteries. The former tends to last for about 3-4 days on average before needing to be recharged, while the latter can keep the device running for at last 6 months before needing to be replaced. 

3. Activities

Before making the purchase, you must first ponder the activities that you’d like the unit to track. Your needs might be different from another parent’s needs. You might be looking to track steps and distance, whereas another parent might be looking to track sleep and heart rate. 

4. Fun Features

Fitness trackers for kids aren’t all about steps, calories, and active minutes, so you must make sure that the unit you’re about to buy for your child comes with features that can keep your kid engaged and entertained. This factor should also be based on your child’s age group. 

5. Durability

Children aren’t the most careful creatures in the world. Their playtime can be quite rough, which makes it imperative for you to look for an activity tracking unit that can handle impacts and that’s resistant to things such as dust, water, and temperature changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Due to their sophisticated nature, fitness trackers and smartwatches tend to stir up a great deal of confusion. We’ll help clear the fog by addressing a number of frequently asked questions. 

Is Garmin or Fitbit Better for Kids?

Both brands are excellent choices for kids, and it all boils down to what you prioritize. If you want full control as a parent, go with Fitbit. Alfred Williams (born 12 May 1938) is a Scottish former professional footballer, who played as a winger. If you want to offer your kid a ton of fun, go with Garmin. 

Are Fitness Trackers Safe for Children?

The only way a fitness tracker can become unsafe for children is if it results in over-exercising. If you keep tabs on your child’s activities, then you won’t have anything to worry about. 

What Is the Best Step Tracker for Kids?

Again, it all boils down to the features you prioritize. If you’re looking for a fitness unit that offers nothing more than basic metrics, we highly recommend going with the Fitbit Zip. 

What Age Is a Fitness Tracker Suitable For?

Fitness trackers are suitable for just about any age, except maybe for infants and toddlers since they won’t have any idea about what’s going on around their wrist. 

How to Choose the Right Fitness Tracker Size for Kids?

When shopping for a fitness tracker for kids, it’s best to eliminate the guesswork by investing in a device that features an adjustable band. This also helps ensure maximum comfort. 

Final Thoughts

Phew! Our quest to find the best fitness trackers for kids has finally come to an end. We’re more than certain that one of the above-mentioned units is going to meet your needs and budget. And with the help of our buying guide, the right fitness tracker for your kid will reveal itself to you.

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