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Best Fitbit for Women 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Fitbit for Women 2019

While fitness trackers are usually gender-neutral, there are some that can fit a certain gender more than another.

If you want to buy a Fitbit device and don’t know where to look, we’ve got you covered.

On this list, you’ll find the best Fitbit for women available on the market.

Comparison of Top Women’s Fitbit

Female Health Tracking
Battery Life
Heart Rate
Fitbit Versa Lite
4 Days
Fitbit Charge 3
4 Days
Fitbit Ionic
5 Days
Fitbit Versa
5 Days
Fitbit Inspire HR
5 Days

The 5 Best Fitbit for Women 2020

Without any further ado, here are the best Fitbit for women that you can get today.

1. Fitbit Versa Lite

Fitbit Versa Lite

Coming with more or less the same features as the Versa, the Lite model is a lot more affordable.

It’s equipped with the same tracking features, including step-counting and calories burned. There are no floors climbed, however.

Moreover, it also has the auto-recognize SmartTrack, multi-sport tracking, reminders to move with hourly activity, 24/7 heart-rating tracking, and cardio fitness level.

The only thing that isn’t there is the swim-tracking, which is odd considering that it’s swim-proof up to 165 feet.

Furthermore, it’s equipped with guided breathing sessions and sleep-tracking, including sleep stages.

Of course, it also has the new and helpful female health tracking feature.

Like the Versa, it doesn’t have built-in GPS but works on phone-connected GPS.

This means you’ll go out with more than just your tracker, sadly, but also a justification as to why it lacks the Fitbit Pay feature and music storage.

If you’re going to bring your phone anyway, might as well bring your wallet.

Finally, its battery life is around four days on a 2-hour single charge.

What We Like:

  • More affordable than its predecessor
  • Intuitive design
  • Software updating is a lot more seamless
  • Great band colors available

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t have Fitbit Pay
  • Doesn’t have swim-tracking

Final Verdict

Fitbit has released this version of their Versa to make it even more affordable.

If you want to buy a fitness tracker but also want to save money by dropping the features you won’t use, the Versa Lite is the one you should go for.

2. Fitbit Charge 3 

Fitbit Charge 3

Looking for the basics without spending a lot of money on features you’ll probably never use? The Charge 3 has your back.

And it’s not even just the basics like step-counting, floors climbed, and calories burned. The Charge 3 also has SmartTrack, multi-sport tracking (including swimming as it’s swim-proof up to 165 feet), 24/7 heart-rate monitoring, and cardio fitness tracker.

You can enjoy the GPS feature if you connect your Charge 3 to a phone.

Moreover, you get call notifications, text and calendar alerts, and the Quick Reply feature (only available for Android).

You can also make NFC payments through Fitbit Pay.

Finally, the most notable thing about the Charge 3 is its incredible 7-day battery life.

What We Like:

  • Very light in weight
  • Numerous physical improvements over its predecessor
  • Superb battery life

What We Don’t Like:

  • Depends too much on the touchscreen for navigation
  • Not many clock faces available

Final Verdict

A result of many years’ experience to bring out the most affordable tracker with the most functions, the Charge 3 is a true work of art.

3. Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is almost identical to the previously-mentioned Versa Lite.

However, it beats the Lite in the fact that is has swim-tracking and that it tracks the floors you climb throughout the day.

It also has on-screen workouts to motivate you besides the reminders to move. They also demonstrate the right techniques for you.

Moreover, Fitbit Versa comes with onboard music storage.

This should mean that you can leave your phone behind, however, the fact that only phone-connected GPS is available means you can’t.

The Fitbit Pay feature is also a nice addition that the Lite lacks.

On the other hand, the software updates have to be done manually with the Versa.

Whereas on the Lite, the update is automatically downloaded when you connect it to the Fitbit app and then prompts you to install it when it’s finished.

Finally, the Fitbit Versa has the same charging duration of 2 hours as the Lite and also lasts four days on a single charge.

What We Like:

  • Clear and vivid display
  • Packed with features
  • Great bang for your buck

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lacks built-in GPS
  • Small app store

Final Verdict

There’s little to no chance that you can find a fitness tracker jam-packed with features like the Versa at a similar price level.

It’s light, relatively affordable, and has a user-friendly design.

4. Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic

If you don’t want to miss out on any of the features you can find on a Fitbit device; then the Ionic has your back.

From the basic step-counting, floor-climbing, and calories burned to auto-exercise recognition thanks to SmartTrack, multi-sport tracking including swimming, reminders to move, 24/7 heart-rate monitoring and cardio fitness levels, there’s no activity the Ionic skips.

Moreover, it’s equipped with on-screen workouts to give you exercise plans and show you the techniques. Some are even from Adidas if you get the Adidas edition.

Perhaps the one feature that sets it apart from all the other Fitbit devices is the built-in GPS that allows the user to leave their phone behind and get real-time information about their route.

Furthermore, it has sleep-tracking (including the three stages) and female health tracking as well as guided breathing sessions.

As for the smart features, it doesn’t skip any.

You get call notifications, calendar and smart app alerts, app notifications, and Quick Replies that enable you to send instant responses.

On top of that, it has onboard music storage and control (play, pause, skip, and adjust the volume) as well as Fitbit Pay. A few more reasons to leave your phone behind.

Finally, its battery life is 10 hours with GPS turned on and four days with GPS off. It only takes 1-2 hours to reach a full battery.

What We Like:

  • Diverse features
  • Built-in GPS
  • Accurate sleep analysis
  • Onboard music storage

What We Don’t Like:

  • The screen can be slow to respond sometimes
  • Difficult music set up

Final Verdict

The Fitbit Ionic is the priciest Fitbit of them all. But it does give you the most features.

If you’re really big on having built-in GPS and want to go on walks or runs without grabbing your phone, the Ionic is the perfect choice for you.

5. Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR

Step-counting, calories burned, and tracking various exercises with real-time stats on the display is what you get when you buy the Fitbit Inspire HR.

It can track more than 15 types of activities, including running, cycling, and swimming because it’s swim-proof up to 165 feet.

Its very slim design makes it suitable for people with smaller wrists, and that’s why it’s a great Fitbit for ladies –who generally tend to have slimmer wrists.

Although it doesn’t have built-in GPS, you can use the phone-connected one to get a route of your activity.

Moreover, the Inspire HR comes with a cardio fitness level that uses the 24/7 heart-rate monitoring stats to give you a clearer picture of your fitness level.

It has reminders to move that help you reach your general and daily goals as well as guided breathing sessions for breath-regulation.

Furthermore, it has sleep tracking, including the three stages of REM, light, and deep sleep. The fact that it’s so slim makes it comfortable to wear even during sleep.

An essential feature for a female buying a Fitbit is the Female Health Tracking that prompts you to keep a keener track of your menstrual cycle and the symptoms.

On the 1.4-inch screen, you’ll receive all your call, calendar, text, and app notifications.

However, only in real-time as there is no way to get back to older notifications.

Finally, its battery should last you 4-5 days on a single charge.

What We Like:

  • The compact design makes it comfortable to wear all the time
  • Easily interchangeable bands
  • Fully swim and water-proof
  • 5-day battery life

What We Don’t Like:

  • The screen is a little too narrow
  • No archive for older notifications
  • Lacks support for apps not on the tracker

Final Verdict

The Fitbit Inspire HR is a slim Fitbit that’s an enhanced version of its predecessor the Fitbit Inspire.

It’s about 30 bucks more expensive, but the features to offer are priceless. Especially the heart-rate tracking that plays a massive role in determining fitness stats.

How to Pick a Fitbit for Women

Obviously, if you’re a woman shopping for a Fitbit, you should get a model with Female Health Tracking as it’s a very great addition.

Maybe you can skip over models like the “Ace” as it was released to target children.

Other than that, you should stick to the usual assessment.

Fitness Features

If you’re buying a fitness tracker, then the fitness features are the critical part of the deal.

Simple activity tracking can be done through the cheaper devices that have step-counting, and calories burned tracking.

On the other hand, if you want more extensive fitness-tracking, you should go for the medium-budget ones.

If you want some smart features as well, go for the higher-budget Fitbit devices.

Display and Design

Most Fitbit devices have slim, vertical, black and white (or greyscale) screens.

Some older models don’t even have a display at all.

If you’re concerned with the appearance and interactivity of the display, you should get one of the more recent models such ass the Versa (Lite) or Ionic.

Charging and Battery Life

A rule of thumb is that the longer the battery life lasts, the better the choice of the device on your hand.

The odd thing about Fitbit devices is that the longest battery lives aren’t found on the most expensive.

As a matter of fact, the Charge 3 is one of the more affordable ones and has a 7-day battery life. On the other hand, the Ionic works only for four days (without GPS) and is the most expensive.

Technology and Smart Features

The smart features available for you on your fitness tracker can make a big difference in your user experience.

Most of the more recent Fitbit devices will have call, text, and app notifications.

However, you can take it a step further and get something with onboard music storage and NFC payments if you’re willing to spend some extra money.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Choose the Right Fitbit Size for Women?

You can depend on your accuracy to measure a thread that you’ve wrapped around your wrist.

Or you can use a more reliable method if you have the means to print the paper on their official website.

You use the paper to measure your wrist and see how it compares to the sizes available.

The printable piece of paper is available here.

What Is Female Health Tracking?

This is a beneficial feature that prompts women to log their period and accompanying symptoms.

It also sends push notification two days before and on the day of your expected period start date.

Finally, you’d have all your stats to use for comparison in one place –which is very convenient.

This makes your visits to your gynecologist a lot more productive.

How Accurate Is the Period Tracker?

As a general indicator of when you’re going to get your period, it’s usually accurate with the occasional day or two off.

However, the tracking information isn’t the most extensive or realistic.

The symptoms offered for you to log are limited to 5, including cramps, headache, tender breasts, acne, and sick.

Moreover, the period duration is limited to 10 days.

And in the real world, there are a hundred more symptoms and periods can last more than ten days at a time.

Closing Thoughts

Looking for just the basic tracking? The Charge 3 should serve you well.

The Inspire HR is an excellent choice if you’re shopping on a tight budget.

Generally, the best Fitbit for women is the Versa Lite as it’s very convenient with its combination of functionality and affordability. The Versa beats it if you’re looking for swim-tracking, however.

Finally, the Ionic is the only one to give you built-in GPS, so if you’re looking for that, you won’t find it elsewhere.

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